Where does our hourly Amazon keyword ranking data come from?


All our data is sourced from **Amazon Brand Analytics Weekly Report (ABA Weekly Report)**and Amazon website.

  1. Hourly Keyword Ranking Data For the top 100,000 keywords on the US site, top 50,000 keywords on the UK site, and top 50,000 keywords on the German site, we retrieve ASIN's keyword ranking data by scraping Amazon's official keyword search result pages every hour, enabling users to monitor real-time changes in keyword rankings for their own products and competitors. The use of official Amazon data sources and hourly update frequency ensures the precision of all our data.
  2. Distinctive data dimensions for analyzing keywords We utilize Amazon Brand Analytics Weekly Reports' ranking data and hourly ASIN keyword ranking as our benchmark data. Through our proprietary algorithm, we assist sellers in obtaining data such as weekly keyword search volume, 7-day ASIN display volume on keyword result pages, the proportion of traffic brought by different keywords, daily traffic scores, and trends. This empowers sellers to make quicker and more accurate assessments of their ASINs' keyword traffic trends and patterns.

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