Which Display Positions are currently captured, and what do they specifically mean?


The currently captured display positions are:

- Organic: The organic ranking in search results.

- SP (Sponsored Product): Product promotion through SP ads.

- SB (Sponsored Brand): Brand promotion through SB ads.

- SBV (Sponsored Brand Video): Video advertisements for brand promotion.

- AC (Amazon Choice): Amazon’s recommendation for products based on value and customer reviews.

- ER (Editorial Recommendations): Products recommended by editors based on product testing and research.

- HR (Highly Rated): Products that have received high customer ratings.

- TRB (Top Rated From Our Brands): High-rated brand section, including Amazon’s own brands like Amazon Exclusives and other highly rated products by Amazon’s brands.

- CPF (Climate Pledge Friendly): Products that meet sustainability certifications; this section includes both organic and ad placements, and the traffic is calculated separately for organic and advertising.

- OOR (Organic Other Recommendations): Other organic recommendation spots, including New Arrivals, Featured From The Store, and other spots that drive organic traffic.

- SOR (Sponsored Other Recommendations): Other advertising recommendation spots, including Trending Now, Other Items to Consider, and additional spots that drive ad traffic.

Note: SD (Sponsored Display) ads are not captured, hence not displayed.

Additionally, if a ranking position has not been captured in the past 7 days, the position label will lighten in color, and if not captured for over 30 days, the label will turn gray.


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