ASINSIGHT User Guide | How to rapidly determine the causes of traffic fluctuations via Traffic Diagnose tool?


After researching an ASIN, you can click 'Diagnose' button or 'Traffic Diagosis' tab to find the reason of traffic fluctuations.


For New Products

When it comes to promoting new Amazon products, sellers are highly motivated to see a gradual increase in traffic. As a result, traffic diagnostic tools provide bar graphs that effectively illustrate the traffic's growth over successive periods. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of our new listing's traffic performance, we can start by focusing on the top 20 traffic-driving keywords. Analyzing these keywords alongside actual outcomes allows us to refine our strategy through the following channels:


  1. Relevance Assessment: Evaluate whether the keywords responsible for driving significant traffic align seamlessly with the product's inherent attributes.
  2. Advertising Strategies: Confirm if specific advertising campaigns are tailored to target the crucial traffic-driving keywords. If so, evaluate the performance of these campaigns and consider adjustments for future optimization. In cases where such campaigns are absent, assess the need for their initiation based on the current data.
  3. Operational Documentation: It is essential for operational teams to maintain detailed logs of any post-analysis modifications made on a given day. This practice facilitates well-informed decision-making during subsequent data evaluations.

For Established Products

When it comes to promoting well-established products, our primary objective is to maintain stability in traffic, orders, and profits. This analysis can be approached from two key perspectives:

  1. Actions Taken During Traffic Growth Phases.
  2. Reasons Behind Traffic Decline Phases.

During the traffic growth phase, valuable insights can be extracted by reviewing our historical data and previous operational logs. When addressing declining traffic phases, we can utilize tools that identify the 'Top 20 Keywords Contributing to Overall Traffic Decline.' A systematic analysis of these keywords is essential. By comparing natural traffic trends with organic rankings, it becomes crucial to identify which keywords require our focused attention and ongoing maintenance, particularly when considering shifts in the primary ASIN's traffic sources.