How is the 7-Day Impression of ASINSIGHT calculated?


The 7-day display volume represents the display volume on the first 3 pages of keyword search result pages for the ASIN over the past 7 days (excluding the current day), including organic rankings, SP ad rankings, SB ads, SBV ads, ER recommendations, and other recommended positions.

  1. This display volume only includes the display volume on the search results pages and does not include the display volume in the ad positions and recommended spots on the product pages. Therefore, the keyword ad display volume seen in the ad backend will be 2-30 times larger than the data here (the multiple varies according to different ad types and can be seen in the display volume proportion of different ad positions in the ad campaign).
  2. Factors affecting the size of the 7-day display volume: The size of the "Search Frequency Rank" and the ranking of the ASIN on the keyword search results page.

​ a. The larger "Search Frequency Rank", the larger the impression.

​ b. The higher the ranking of the ASIN on the keyword search results page, the larger the impression.

  1. Time Period for the 7-day Display Volume: Data for the 7 days not including today. Example: If today is April 24th, then the 7-day Impression will include data from April 17th to 23rd.
    Note: The 7-Day Impression does not include data for the current day. If the ASIN did not have a ranking in the previous 7 days but does have a ranking today, there may be a situation where there is a Organic or Ad ranking, but the traffic value is 0.