The following is the definitions to the terms used on the ASINSIGHT 's usage page. If you can't find the definition for certain terms, feel free to join in Discord or send email ( to tell us.

OR: Organic Ranking in search results;

SP: Sponsored Products, SP ads for product promotion;

SB: Sponsored Brands, SB ads for brand promotion;

SBV: Sponsored Brands Video, video ads for brand promotion;

AC: Amazon's Choice, recommended by Amazon;

ER: Editorial Recommendations, recommended by editors;

HR: Highly Rated, highly rated products;

CPF: Climate Pledge Friendly, includes both organic and ad placements. Traffic is calculated separately for organic and ads;

OOR: Organic Other Recommendations, includes other organic recommendations like New Arrivals, Featured From The Store, etc.;

SOR: Sponsored Other Recommendations, includes other ad recommendations like Customers Frequently Viewed, Today's Deal, etc.;

TRB: Top Rated From Our Brands, includes Amazon-owned brand items like Amazon Exclusives, Top Rated From Our Brands, etc.