ASINSIGHT 101 | How to Track Keyword Rankings for Success on Amazon?

Jacob Smith

As an Amazon seller, launching Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns is a strategic move to boost your product's visibility and drive sales. However, measuring the success of your campaigns goes beyond the standard metrics like ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales), TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales), click-through rates, and conversion rates. It's equally crucial to understand how many potential customers are actually seeing your products, especially for those high-converting keywords. In this blog post, we'll explore why tracking keyword rankings matters and how you can effectively use ASINSIGHT to monitor them.

The Key Factors: Ad Rank and Duration of Display

To truly assess the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns, you need to focus on two key factors:

1. PPC Ad Rank

Your ad's position in the search results is critical. Higher-ranking ads are more likely to be seen by potential customers. But it's not just about being on the first page; your ad's specific rank matters. Tracking the fluctuations in your ad's position helps you understand how often your product is displayed prominently in search results.

2. Duration of Ad Display

The duration for which your ad appears in different positions is another crucial aspect. Being in the top spot for 24 hours is very different from being there for just one hour. Understanding how long your ad maintains a particular position gives you insights into its effectiveness and exposure over time.


Using ASINSIGHT for Keyword Ranking Tracking

Now that we've highlighted the importance of tracking keyword rankings, let's delve into how you can effectively use ASINSIGHT to monitor these rankings:

Step 1: Reverse ASIN Lookup

Start your keyword ranking tracking journey with ASINSIGHT's ASIN lookup tool. This tool allows you to keep tabs on how your products' organic and ad rankings change across various keyword result pages. It's your window into understanding where your products stand in Amazon's complex search landscape.

This tool allows you to quickly identify all the keywords where your ASIN appears within the top three pages. It also analyzes the traffic distribution among different keywords. By clicking on the rocket icon or the keyword ranking numbers, you can view the hourly organic and ad rankings for all the keywords.

PPC ad rank change1

PPC ad rank change2

Step 2: Keyword Research

To gain a deeper understanding of your keyword rankings, leverage ASINSIGHT's keyword research tool. Here's what you can explore:

- Ad Rotation Tracker

This feature is your real-time ally. It enables you to observe which products are featured in different ad positions every hour. By tracking these changes, you can spot trends and patterns in your ad's performance. Are you consistently moving up or down the ranks for a particular keyword? This information guides you in making timely adjustments to your PPC campaigns.

PPC ad rank change3

- Ad Spot Dominators

Competitor analysis is a vital part of staying ahead. With the Ad Spot Dominators feature, you gain insights into how different products have fared in terms of display time within the same ad position over the past week. This information helps you understand your competition better and fine-tune your ad strategies accordingly.

PPC ad rank change4

The Power of Data Analysis

Once you've collected keyword ranking data using ASINSIGHT, the next step is data analysis. Here's what you should do:

  • Look for Trends: Identify trends and patterns in your keyword rankings. Are certain keywords consistently performing well? Are there any unexpected drops or rises in ad rank?
  • Optimize Your Strategy: Use the insights from your analysis to optimize your PPC campaigns. Adjust your bids, improve your ad copy, or allocate your budget more effectively based on the performance of specific keywords.
  • Stay Competitive: Keep an eye on your competitors. If you see them gaining ground on keywords that matter to you, be ready to adapt and maintain your product's visibility.

In conclusion, tracking keyword rankings is not just an option; it's a necessity for Amazon sellers looking to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace. By using ASINSIGHT to monitor keyword rankings, you gain valuable insights into your ad campaign's performance, stay competitive, and make data-driven decisions. This tool empowers you to enhance your product's visibility and drive more sales on Amazon, ultimately leading to greater success as a seller.