How to Get Amazon Organic Ranking: A Complete Seller Guide

Jacob Smith

The most important facet of selling on Amazon is understanding how Amazon's rankings work. High ranking products are prioritized higher in searches which will ultimately bring you more views and conversion rate. Organic Rank refers to a product's position in the search results when a user searches for a particular keyword or phrase. Organic ranking on Amazon can significantly boost your product visibility and sales. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the most important factor that can help you to rank organically on Amazon.

A quick view into the article:

  • Keyword Research For Amazon Keyword Ranking
  • Drive Sales with Optimized Listings
  • Use High-Quality Images
  • Tell Your Brand Story with EBC or A+ Content
  • Competitive Pricing Tactics
  • List in the Right Categories
  • Promotions and Deals
  • Earn Positive Reviews
  • Sell on Amazon FBA
  • Product Availability

Keyword Research For Amazon Keyword Ranking

If you want to be organically ranked higher on Amazon, then the first thing you have to do is a comprehensive keyword research and utilize them in your listings. Identify and incorporate relevant and high-volume keywords within your product listing which will help you to enhance product visibility. The keyword research process includes analyzing customer behavior, and competitor listings, and using keyword research tools to get accurate data for each keyword. You can use the ASINSIGHT Keyword Research Tool to find high-ranking ASINs on Amazon. Track your competitors who are ranking for a particular keyword and find their best performing keywords with the ASINSIGHT ASIN research tool. Also, you can get Weekly Search Volume for each keyword you search and utilize them in your product listing.



Drive Sales with Optimized Listings

After conducting thorough keyword research, shift your focus to optimizing your Amazon listing for maximum impact. Prepare informative product listings with titles, bullet points, and descriptions. Also, don’t forget to add backend keywords and ensure that your product images are of high quality.


Always follow Amazon's guidelines to create well-optimized content. While it's crucial to integrate high-volume keywords, try to avoid keyword stuffing. Only include relevant keywords strategically across different parts of your product page to achieve optimal results.

Use High-Quality Images

You can capture your shopper's attention with high-quality and visually appealing images. While Amazon's ranking algorithm doesn't directly index image content, images can significantly boost your click-through rate and contribute to a higher conversion rate. Also, add infographics showing the usage or features of the product. Images have a huge influence on a buyer's decision to buy. Great looking images help customers feel confident in their purchase. Comply with Amazon guidelines when incorporating images and videos to ensure an effective presentation of your product.

Tell Your Brand Story with EBC or A+ Content

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Content represents your brand on Amazon. This feature provides a unique opportunity to go beyond standard product descriptions. Always use engaging visuals, impactful storytelling, and informative content in your A+ content.


These will surely attract your customers and differentiate your brand. EBC or A+ Content allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level. Take advantage of this feature to showcase the values, uniqueness, and personality of your brand and rank higher on Amazon.

Competitive Pricing Tactics

Competitive product pricing is a pivotal factor that influences Amazon A9 search rankings and overall success on the platform. Regularly analyze competitor pricing to ensure your rates align with market expectations. If your product price is higher than your competitors then Amazon’s algorithm will likely predetermine that your product will generate fewer sales, and you will experience a lower Amazon search ranking.


Keep your price competitive and try to stay on the Buy Box. It will increase your chance to rank organically. So closely monitor your competitors’ pricing changes and reprice your products effectively.

List in the Right Categories

Ensure optimal visibility for your products by selecting the right categories while listing products. Sellers on Amazon often find it hard to identify the most correct category for listing. Do proper research on Amazon categories and figure out the most suitable category before listing. Take the time to understand the intricacies of each category and align your listings accordingly. If you list your item in the wrong category, it may lead to poor visibility and lower Amazon listing ranking.

Promotions and Deals

Increase your product’s visibility and attract customers with promotional offers. Create enticing bundles, attractive discounts, or exclusive deals to captivate customers. Promotional deals on Amazon can boost organic Amazon product ranking by increasing customer engagement and driving higher sales volumes.

When sellers run targeted promotions, such as discounts or bundled offers, it attracts the attention of customers as well as signals to Amazon's algorithm that the product is in demand. Essentially, well-executed promotional deals generate more visibility that enhances a product's overall organic ranking on Amazon.

Earn Positive Reviews


Earning positive reviews on Amazon is crucial for organic ranking. Positive reviews build trust with customers and is a sign that your product is well-received. Higher review ratings contribute to better visibility in search results, ultimately improving your organic ranking. Encourage customer feedback through excellent service, quality products, and proactive communication to create a positive reputation. This will positively impact your Amazon SEO efforts.

Sell on Amazon FBA


Selling on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) can significantly boost organic rankings by enhancing customer experience. FBA ensures fast shipping, reliable customer service, and Prime eligibility, factors that Amazon's algorithm values. With faster delivery, FBA listings are more likely to rank higher on Amazon seller ranking. It attracts more visibility and organic traffic.

Keep Products in Stock

The final factor of ranking organically that we’ll talk about is product stock availability. Maintaining consistent product availability is crucial for sustaining Amazon's search rankings. Regularly running out of stock can impact your position in search results. So utilize inventory management systems to set reminders or automated notifications for timely restocking. Stay in communication with suppliers or partners to ensure a continuous supply. Always keep your products in stock so you never miss any order or chance to rank in the search results.

Final Thoughts

To rank high on Amazon, you need to update your product listings and stay relevant to your customers. Always try to maintain the above-mentioned parameters to stay on top of organic search results. Moreover, closely monitor and track your performance metrics through Amazon Seller Central. This will help you to stay agile with market trends. Give time and effort to your product listings. Keeping up with the trends, algorithm updates, and ongoing optimization is equally necessary to remain in the top results.