ASINSIGHT 101 | How to Strategically Choose Keywords for New Product Launch on Amazon?

Jacob Smith

Launching a new product on Amazon involves a strategic dance of visibility and relevance. A significant part of this dance is selecting the right keywords. Here’s a simple yet effective plan to guide you through this crucial step.

Step 1: Identify Your Heavy Hitters

To kickstart your keyword quest, delve into the realm of successful competitors. Identify 5-6 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) that are not just doing well in sales but also share striking similarities with your product.

Leveraging the 'multi-ASIN research' tool, unearth the high-traffic keywords these competitors are riding on. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for your keyword selection strategy.

new product launch111401

Step 2: Unveil the Golden Keywords

Utilizing the filtering option, mark the checkboxes for all identified competitors. The magic begins here – by doing so, you'll receive a comprehensive list of keywords that these top contenders are utilizing to reel in the big views. Remember, these keywords are likely to resonate well with your product too. This insight can be visually represented and further analyzed using tools like Figure 1, enabling a clearer understanding of the competitive keyword landscape.

new product launch111402

Step 3: Curate Your Winning List

Once armed with this treasure trove of keywords, it’s time to filter and sort them by their search frequency rank. This crucial metric gives you a sense of how often users are searching for these terms. The higher the frequency, the more eyes your product could potentially catch.

Identify the top-performing keywords from this refined list and integrate them into your own keyword arsenal. These high-frequency terms are the golden ticket to enhancing your product’s visibility and attracting relevant traffic.

new product launch 111403

In a nutshell, this strategic approach ensures that you're not just guessing or randomly selecting keywords. Instead, it’s about leveraging the success of your competitors to propel your product forward. By understanding what works for them, you can strategically position your product using the right keywords to maximize visibility and increase sales potential.

In conclusion, the pathway to successful keyword selection for your new product on Amazon involves a systematic approach of learning from the best in the market, analyzing their strategies, and integrating those insights into your own to stand out amidst the competition.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Constantly monitoring and tweaking your keyword strategy based on changing market dynamics and user behavior is key to staying ahead in the Amazon game.

By implementing this methodical keyword selection process, you set a solid foundation for your product’s journey towards prominence and success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.