ASINSIGHT 101 | How to find Amazon competitors' keywords with just one click?

Jacob Smith

For Amazon sellers, the secret to enhancing product listings and PPC ad performance lies in unlocking the keyword strategies of market leaders. ASINSIGHT offers a straightforward solution, enabling you to quickly uncover which keywords are driving traffic for these leading sellers. With ASINSIGHT, you can effortlessly identify competitors' key traffic-driving keywords, analyze the distribution of organic versus ad traffic, and discover the specific keywords your competitors are targeting in their ad campaigns. This tool simplifies the process of finding high-quality keywords, allowing you to enhance your Amazon strategy with data-driven insights.

1. Discover Key Keywords in a Snap

Simply input your competitor's ASIN into the ASIN Research tool, hit analyze, and voila! You're presented with a comprehensive keyword list that places your competitor in the top three search result pages, complete with insights on how each keyword contributes to their traffic. ASINSIGHT stands out by offering traffic percentage data, helping you swiftly zero in on keywords that are not only relevant and high-traffic but also high-converting, thus boosting your operational efficiency.


2. Unravel Organic vs. Ad Traffic Ratios with Precision

A quick click on the Position button unveils a 90-day glimpse into your competitor's traffic trends and how it's split. The visibility of traffic shares by display positions is immediate, providing clear insights at a glance.


3. Pinpoint Competitors' Advertised Keywords Effortlessly

By filtering for 'Display Position' and selecting SP/SB/SBV, you unlock a list of keywords your competitor targets through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. The SP Rank details reveal the core keywords your competitors are actively promoting.



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