ASINSIGHT: Hourly Keyword & ASIN Research Tool for Amazon Sellers

Jacob Smith

ASINSIGHT is the ultimate keyword & ASIN research tool crafted exclusively for Amazon sellers. Packed with robust data features, it offers ASIN research, keyword research, and more. With hourly keyword tracking and comprehensive data dimensions, it empowers Amazon sellers to gain deep insights into the traffic sources and trends of your products and competitors, and skyrocketing the product's keyword rankings with ease.

Hourly Keyword Ranking Tracking, 180 Days of Data –No Waiting!

For the top 100,000 keywords in the US site, and top 50,000 keywords in the UK and German site, we conduct data crawling per hour, resulting in more accurate data. Members can access hourly keyword ranking data for ASINs with unlimited views, which allows real-time tracking of ASIN ranking changes.

For other keywords and other sites, the sellers can get access to daily keyword ranking tracking.

**Hourly Keyword Ranking Tracking%2C 180 Days of Data %E2%80%93No Waiting!

Unlock Dominant Keyword Insights: Spy on Rival PPC Strategies!

ASINSIGHT offers incredibly powerful keyword and ASIN data, enabling Amazon sellers to swiftly analyze which keywords competitors are targeting across various ad types, as well as the traffic distribution in different ad positions. With exclusive keyword traffic share data, sellers can accurately assess the traffic structure of ASINs, quickly identify highly relevant and valuable keywords, and gain a competitive edge faster!

Unlock Dominant Keyword Insights- Spy on Rival PPC Strategies!

Efficiently Discover the Right Keywords.

Amazon sellers can swiftly access crucial keyword data, such as search volume, ranking, and traffic share. Additionally, you'll discover details about the top 10 organic ASINs for that keyword, aiding sellers in efficiently pinpointing high-value and related keywords.

Efficiently Discover the Right Keywords


Reverse ASIN Lookup: More comprehensive and powerful data, no manual input required, view keyword ranking tracking data effortlessly.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

Parant Variation Analysis: Instantly find and analyze all variations of an ASIN in one click.

Parant Variation Analysis

Traffic Diagnosis: Precisely identify the sources of traffic fluctuations and pinpoint the reasons behind traffic changes.

Traffic Diagnosis

Traffic Insight: Quickly assess ASIN basic information and traffic structure, a great tool for competitive analysis.

Ad Insight: In-depth analysis of ASIN advertising performance, helping identify the primary advertising strategies of competitors.

Weekly Traffic Report: Analyze keyword data changes on a weekly basis to easily monitor weekly operational performance.

Ad Spot Dominators: Identify top advertising performers by calculating the time share each ASIN occupies in advertising slots.

Ad Rotation Tracker: Replay ASINs' hourly ad placements to gain insights into competitor advertising strategies effortlessly.

Organic Rotation Tracker: Quickly track changes in organic rankings for your own ASINs and make timely adjustments to ensure stable traffic.


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