Amazon Keyword Research and SEO: Increase Your Product Visibility

Jacob Smith

Improving Amazon SEO or optimizing your product listings helps to increase the likelihood that your product will be visible to more potential customers. Higher traffic and increased visibility lead to more sales and a higher ranking in Amazon’s organic search results. An effectively optimized listing enhances both your click-through rate (CTR) and Amazon conversion rate (CVR), ultimately driving more profits.

Successful product listings on Amazon heavily rely on strategic keyword research. With competition on the rise, careful keyword research can help you boost sales and profits on Amazon. In this article, we will delve into three proven methods for Amazon SEO keyword research that can elevate your product listings to new heights.

A quick view into the article:

  • Expand and Refine Your Keywords
  • Competitor Keyword Research
  • Layered Keyword Research

Expand and Refine Your Keywords

The first and most basic way to identify keywords for Amazon is to expand and refine your keywords. These techniques are essential for improving your SEO performance and reaching your target audience. They involve finding new and relevant keywords for your listing. Follow this step-by-step guide to employ this method:


Brainstorming: Start by brainstorming a list of terms directly related to your product. Consider various aspects such as product features, use cases, and benefits.

Amazon Autosuggest: You can use Amazon's auto suggest feature by typing relevant keywords into the search bar. Take note of the suggested terms, as these are often popular and frequently searched by potential buyers.

Utilize Synonyms and Variations: Expand your list by including synonyms and variations of your primary keywords. This ensures that you cover a broad spectrum of potential search queries.

Use Amazon Keyword Research Tool: Employ dedicated keyword research tools to identify high-performing keywords. These tools provide insights into search volumes, competitiveness, and potential ranking opportunities.

Best amazon keyword research tool ASINSIGHT is perfect for Amazon keyword optimization. This is a powerful tool designed to help sellers on Amazon find various factors of a keyword such as relevance, search volume, and competition, ASINSIGHT provides valuable insights into which keywords can enhance product discoverability and drive sales on the Amazon platform. This user-friendly tool simplifies the process of keyword research. It enables sellers to optimize their product listings and improve their overall visibility in Amazon's search results.

Head to the Keyword Research tool, enter a keyword and hit Research Keyword.


You'll now see all the relevant ASINs for a particular keyword. ASINSIGHT can find the ASINs that appear within the first 3 pages for this keyword in the past 30 days. Also, by using our Reverse ASIN Lookup tool, you can get the best performing keywords from those ASINs.


With ASINSIGHT, sellers can make informed decisions about the keywords they choose, ultimately maximizing their chances of success on the Amazon marketplace.

Competitor Keyword Research

Our second method is to thoroughly research your competitor keywords. Analyzing competitor keywords is a strategic method to understand what is working for others in your niche. Here's how you can implement the competitor keyword research:


Identify Competitors: Begin by identifying your main competitors in the Amazon marketplace. Look for products similar to yours with high rankings and positive reviews.

Analyze Competitor Amazon Product Listing: Analyze the product listings of your competitors. Pay close attention to their title, bullet points, and product descriptions. Identify keywords that appear frequently and seem to contribute to their success.

Reverse Engineering with Tools: Use reverse engineering tools to uncover the keywords your competitors are targeting. These tools analyze competitor listings and reveal the keywords responsible for their high rankings.

If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll show you how to find your Amazon competitor’s keywords easily and outperform your competitors using the ASINSIGHT ASIN keyword search tool for Amazon.

Go to the ASIN Research tool, enter an ASIN, and click on Research ASIN.


You'll now see all the relevant information for a particular ASIN. ASIN Research can find the top related and converting keywords from competitors' ASINs.


Layered Keyword Research

The layered keyword approach involves creating a strategic hierarchy of keywords to optimize different elements of your product listing. Here's how you can implement this method:


Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Keywords: After collecting all the relevant keywords for your product, divide your keywords into primary, secondary, and tertiary categories based on their relevance and importance. Your primary keywords should feature prominently in your product title, while secondary and tertiary keywords can be incorporated into bullet points and product descriptions.

Backend Search Terms: Take advantage of Amazon's backend search terms to include additional keywords that may not fit naturally into your product listing. These hidden Amazon keyword search can still contribute to your product's visibility.

Monitor and Adjust: Amazon's algorithms and customer behavior are dynamic, so it's crucial to monitor your product's performance and adjust your keyword strategy accordingly. Regularly revisit and update your keyword list to stay relevant and competitive.

Final Thoughts

Amazon SEO keyword research is a continuous process that requires a combination of creativity, data analysis, and adaptability. By employing the expanding keyword approach, competitor keyword approach, and layered keyword approach, you can develop a robust strategy that maximizes your product's visibility and potential for conversion. Stay proactive, keep refining your approach, and watch as your Amazon listings climb the ranks and attract more satisfied customers.